UFO-spotting Turkish night-watchman regards aliens as 'the world's policemen'


The images 51-year-old Yalcin Yalman has filmed, since 2007 from the suburban Istanbul holiday village where he works as a night-watchman, have helped turn UFO-spotting, once the object of scorn, into a popular pastime among educated Turks.
“For me it’s just a hobby, a way of passing the night,” Yalman shrugged outside an Istanbul conference centre where more than 1,000 people had paid 35 lira (€16), a handsome sum by local standards, to listen to him and ufologists from around the world reveal their latest findings.
“These are the most remarkable images taken in Turkish history,” Haktan Akdogan, the organiser of last weekend’s International UFO and New Age Congress, said, sitting in the central Istanbul office of the Sirius UFO Space Science Studies Centre, which he set up in 1997.
“The authorities can no longer turn a blind eye to this phenomenon.”
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