How One Radically Empowered Man or Woman Can Change the World.

David Hawkins, MD., Ph.D., in his groundbreaking book Power vs. Force, shows quite conclusively that the power an individual has to change the world — for better or worse — depends on his or her level of consciousness. The number of people this would require to make a significant difference, therefore, is determined by the consciousness of those involved.

The Consciousness Factor
The higher the consciousness of this group of people, the fewer of them it will take — and the effect is exponential. Hawkins shows that having even a tiny number of people with a high level of consciousness involved can dramatically reduce the overall number required to bring PEACE to the world.
Hawkins has a very refined and scientifically validated scale of consciousness that is measured according to the principles to which an individual is totally committed and by which he or she consistently lives. For example, a person who is unkind, vengeful, mean or despising of others — or who always blames everyone else for his or her unhappiness — will have a very low level of consciousness. Someone who is forgiving, kind, merciful and accountable for his/her own life, will carry a high level of consciousness.
Someone who has a relatively low level of consciousness will have a negative effect on the world, but insofar as their power as an individual is negligible (with the exception of a few individuals who perversely rule with force or in some other way affect mass consciousness in such a way as to drag it down), it only matters when such a consciousness is shared by millions of others.
That being the case at this present time, were it not for the fact that mass negative energy is counterbalanced by only a very few people with a high level of consciousness, there would be very little hope for humanity. As Hawkins himself says, “But for these counterbalances, mankind would self-destruct out of the sheer mass of its unopposed negativity.”
[It is important that we not make any judgments about all this. Everyone is where they need to be. It might well be that in order for those who aspire to a higher consciousness to reach a new level, they might need that mass consciousness against which to push].
However, as Hawkins shows, the good news is that since the effect that consciousness can have on the creation of reality increases exponentially the higher up the scale a person goes, a very few people holding the higher vibration can counter-balance the millions who are at the lower end of that scale.
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