UFO investigators reveal possible otherworldly relic

[The aluminum silicate 'something' found by Chuck Zukowski.]

UFO investigators held a press conference at the Roswell Civic and Convention Center on Thursday to announce that they found ... something.
"At this point, we don't know what it was or why it was there," said UFO investigator Chuck Zukowski. "I don't want to speculate."
"We want to announce to the world that this stuff needs further analysis," explained Dr. Bill Doleman, a retired archaeologist who supervised the dig where the items were found.
The artifacts were discovered in 2002 during a dig sponsored by the Sci Fi Channel, at a site where some eyewitnesses say a mysterious craft ricocheted off the ground in 1947.
Zukowski said it took years for them to figure out whether they could run tests on the items.
Zukowski said he determined that the artifact was mostly aluminum silicate. Other elements showed up in the sample, but he believes they are mostly from the microscope's surroundings or dirt that clung to the object.
Doleman said that aluminum silicate is not uncommon in nature, but the item was found on a limestone plateau, which is mostly calcium carbonate. There seemed to be nothing around that would contain or produce the compound.
"We know this thing definitely is not organic, number one," he concluded. "Number two, we know it's not indigenous."
The items that Doleman found most interesting were some orange blobs of material. Assaigai Analytical Laboratories Inc. in Albuquerque found that they were modacrylic adhesive, a heat-resistant synthetic copolymer. The Union Carbide Corporation was the first to produce modacrylic fiber in 1949.
Zukowski said the modacrylic adhesive might tie into an eyewitness account. One of the volunteer excavators was Nancy Easly Johnson, daughter of Maj. Edwin Easly, who was allegedly at the crash site. Easly told Johnson little about the incident, but mentioned orange debris.

[Remember the strange rock found in 2004, also from Roswell's crash site. And the crop circle that appeared in Chisledon, Wiltshire, UK in 1996. Interesting resemblance!]
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