Crop Circles -2009 Update- Numbers 5 & 6

[Formation Nº 5 @ Liddington Castle Fort - nr Chiseldon, Wiltshire - reported April 25, 2009]
This is not visible anywhere near the road. it must be visible from the top of the hill only. But I[Dene Hine] came upon a small formation that contained 4 circles, 2 outlined and 2 solid, joined by lines. I would say the whole formation would be under 100ft. [No aerial photography available for this one...sorry]

[Formation Nº 6 @ Roundway Hill - nr Devizes, Wiltshire - reported April 25, 2009]
This new circle discovered this morning while Olivier (member of the WCCSG team) was flying. It's above the Roundway Hill white horse near Devizes. In rape about 200ft.

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