Child traffickers find it easy to operate in UK, say MPs

Child traffickers are targeting the UK because of the ease with which they can move victims through British ports and local authority care homes, the chairman of a parliamentary inquiry into human trafficking has warned.
Keith Vaz, head of the home affairs select committee, said he and colleagues were "very concerned" about low levels of funding for law ­enforcement agencies to fight trafficking, and he called on the ­government to hold an urgent review of the number of foreign children missing from local ­authority care.
Vaz also said there was "a growing ­connection" between local authority care facilities and trafficking, exemplified he said by the case exposed in the Guardian last week of 77 Chinese children missing from a single care home next to Heathrow airport since March 2006, only four of whom have been found. Two girls had been exploited as ­prostitutes in the Midlands, and others were suspected of having been forced to work in the drug trade and illegal labour.

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