Jeff Rense Interviews The Webbot's Cliff High

Jeff Rense interviews Cliff High of Half Past Human regarding his views on upcoming events for this year and beyond. In this interview, High reveals his forecast for the economy, environment, social structure and politics.
High employs a technique based on radical linguistics to reduce extracts from readings of dynamic postings on the internet into an archetypical database. With this database of archetypical language, he is able to calculate the rate of change of the language.
The forecasts of the future are derived from these calculations. The calculations are based on a system of associations between words and numeric values for emotional responses from those words. These 'emotional impact indicators' are also of his own devising. They are attached to a data base of over 300/three hundred thousand words. This data base of linked words/phrases and emotions is the lexicon from which the future forecasting is derived.
Cliff High calls his future viewing the ALTA reports for 'asymetric language trend analysis'. The ALTA reports are available by subscription.

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Cliff High in conversation with Michael St. Clair & G22, Cliff presents predictions by his webbot for March 2009-Nov 2009.
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