It's Always Darkest just before it goes Black


I[smokingmirrors.blogspot's Les Visble]’ve been thinking about that Madison Avenue thing that brings us mind molders like reality TV and fake news as our models for contemporary life which presents humanity as a life form capably stupid enough to buy the crap they package along with the morons who tout it. This also brings us the shape-shifter politicians and cultural grooves that are like railway tracks from cradle to grave and which convince us we are just tubes that put things in one end only to send them out another; as if we were ambulatory tubes of toothpaste. If it weren’t for the coloration and flavor of the items going into the tubes we wouldn’t be able to distinguish them from the thing going out of the tubes. Garbage in and garbage out; through the speakers and headphones, from fork to mouth, from bottle to skin, from shelf to cart, from speech center to speech maker and so on and so forth.

I[Les Visible]’ve been noticing signs of revolt at all levels of the social spectrum and it’s surprising me. I realize that I’ve been pretty tough on the mainstream fish caught in the nets and not giving enough credit to what looks like a revolution catching fire all around the world. I’m starting to think that some indefinable force is moving through the people of the world and they are starting to react as if they really were capable of independent thought and then I ponder what I hear from so many sources which tell me that the mysterious elite have all of the situations and circumstances programmed and that no matter what I see it is all part of ‘their plan’. It’s enough to make your head spin.
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