Corn fortified with vitamins devised by scientists

Scientists[...from what company?] have engineered vitamin-fortified corn[!!!!!] designed to boost consumption of three key nutrients that are sorely lacking in the diets of millions of people in developing countries, according to a study published today.
The genetically modified African corn has bright orange kernels, reflecting the 169-fold increase in beta carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. The corn also has six times the normal amount of vitamin C and double the usual level of folate, researchers reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Though genetic engineering has been used to enhance vitamin content in a variety of crops -- including rice, potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes -- this is the first time scientists have been able to amplify multiple vitamins in a single plant. [They're not giving up, are they? Berlin banned, just recently, Monsanto's GM corn. Most of Europe opposes GM foods, but they won't let go, will they?]
To grow in Africa, Central America or elsewhere, they would have to be crossed [!!!!!] with the many corn varieties adapted to specific regions. That process could take 10 years, said Gary Toenniessen, an agriculture specialist at the Rockefeller Foundation[...now we know who!] in New York who is involved with the rollout of a genetically engineered crop, Golden Rice, fortified with beta carotene.
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